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Matematikk mot terror



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Denne er gratis og du merker neppe forskjellen, bortsatt fra at du slipper mesteparten av reklamen da.



Litt morsommere saker; en samling Fawlty Towers-sitater på Adressavisa: http://www.adressa.no/kultur/tv/article.jhtml?articleID=513576


I am not religious or anything, but if you are up there, help med superman!!! (Homer J. Simpson).

En av de bedre supermannkoblingene det der, fra Homer, egentlig. Det har vært en tendens til at supermann-vitser har gått ut på at "Hvis Supermann er så jævla super, hvorfor går han med underbuksa ytterst". Han har jo selvsagt superhjerne, han er sikkert super i senga, han er stort sett super all over.

"If only Kryptonite can harm Superman, why does he dodge bullets?" (Seinfeld)

En skål, for en av de store helter, Christopher Reeve, som la kappen på hylla i går.


Jada brodern...

Tilfeldigheter skal ha det til at min bror befinner seg på denne siden for tida: http://tingvoll.net/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2367



Dette er henta fra coveret til ei hellacopters-plate. Morsomme, dyktige, svenske killar:

Hello all you fooled musiclovers who mostly prefer or only buy and listen to CD records. O.K. Maybe when you start reading this you're a bit irritated and upset, but you don't deserve better. In my eyes you're no musiclovers, fans or listeners. You just want some chosen music to go with your dishing or vacuum cleaning. What I mean is that you can't have any demands on the quality you're listening to, if you choose CD instead of vinyl. Besides, you're all fools. I mean you're fooled by the record companies when you pay more for a product which is worse. Or maybe you wanna pay this overprice because CD is comfortable with remote and all that. But there we go again, it's not the music that counts for your choice, it's something else. In digital sounds you can't produce tape compression. Tape compression makes the music tighter and creates miracles with a lot of recordings. The analog tape has also a fuckin' euphonious distortion when overloading. Other than that it's not the actual digital sound that suck, it's the CO. When mastering a CD you bitcompress the dynamics so damn hard that you get a flatter sound. Shitloads of overtones disappear. You actually cut off 20 kHz by a lowpass filter. It is true it's not audible (the ear can't hear it) but very important for the emotional experience. It goes on like that until only 25% of the original music is left. Everything to make sure the music fits on this one-sided tiny little piece of shit. The reader, the lazer, reads the music in form of different sized holes (frames) in the plastic, ones and zeros. The reader is very unstable and often makes mistakes. Because of that there are "correction cirquits" in digital cassette decks and CD players, In a DAT the cirquits are working about 2 times per minute and 100 times per second in a CD player. Which means that the CD player has to make a superfast approximation of how the soundcurve "looked" like. As a result the sound gets even worse since it's synthetic. The manufacturers has no intention to do anything about it, but work hard to compress 99,5% away and produce even more extensive mathematic formulas that approximates and re-produces the sound synthetically. You get "holes" in the sound. In other words CD sounds like shit, plain and simple. Music that suffers the most from being on CD is among others the kind with lots of distorted guitars (i.e. the record you're holding in your hand). If you look at a graphic 3D picture (looks like an alp landscape which shows the face of the sound) you can see that big holes appear in certain places, especially in the midrange areas. Distorted guitar music has a much too complex sound for the CD format. It can't be compressed that hard. I've never heard a CD that sounds better than a vinyl record and I've never met a professional soundmaker or manufacturer (whom I got all this information from by the way) who claims that either. Even l certain J. Crawley who works at the Philips research laboratory in Holland admitted vinyl is better than CD at an Internet message not so long ago. And a 1000 dollar CD player can't even be compared to a turntable worth of 400 bucks, so it's just bull to say you need an expensive vinyl player to beat the sound of the CD.
However, the CD have some good points. Record companies release singles compilations, old LP's and other rare material. And the fact that some knuckleheads go and sell their vinyl copy when they've bought the CD so I can buy their oh so rare and euphonious vinyl record. When Philips did commercials for the CD in its youth, they were playing freesbee with it and a dog caught it in its mouth. The CD was, supposed to be durable. Most people who don't handle their CD's with care ought to know how fuckin' fragile they are. And the price thing: The CD is cheaper to make than the LP. That's the way it is. Yet still the consumer has to pay more for a CD. The D.I.Y. (do it yourself) company thing is a crock of shit as well. You sell records with no profit. Despite that, the CD's cost 30-50% more than the LP's among most D.I.Y.'s. Why? Perhaps they've glanced at the price differences in the stores and noticed wackos who pay more for a CD among their customers too. What the fuck have the D.I.Y. companies to do with the multinational companies' prices? Not a damn thing. Finally a question. Why has the music CD such a worthless technology when the computer CD, with its 5 years (only) in developing, has a sample frequency about 6 times better? Money perhaps. Put your record dealer under pressure. Ask for vinyl and give yourself a possibility to get a format that sounds good and is better for the consumer!

(C)1995 -Jan JutHa, Your Own Jailer Records.

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MANN er et finfint blad som innimellom kommer med morsomme lenker. Her er hva de har å by på i siste nummer:


Hva gjør man i regnet?

Det fins nå matematikk for alt også... På siden http://www.dctech.com/physics/features/0600.php kan du beregne hvor våt du blir om du springer fort kontra sakte gjennom regnværet.